April 23rd, 2012

I’m not 100% positive, but I think somebody would really like to play a game of fetch. One game and I’m pretty sure he’d be your BFF. “Dog” is my latest print and I’m very excited to be releasing this ‘lil guy tomorrow. Printed by the BLDG, this 18×14, 5 color screenprint is printed on Stonehenge Cream 250 gsm and has a signed and numbered edition of 55.

Nedi the Yeti

February 26th, 2012

It’s been about a year and a half in the making, but I’m very excited to introduce to you Nedi the Yeti, my new iPad app I created along with the help of Lee Calloway. An interactive childrens book made specifically for the iPad, you can now purchase Nedi in the iTunes store here. Help Nedi play hide and seek with his friends. Designed for children ages 2 and up, Nedi features tilt activated parallax scrolling backgrounds and characters that animate when touched. Below are a few screenshots from the app.

Also to celebrate the release of the app I will be releasing a new print entitled, you guessed it, “Nedi the Yeti”. This new print featuring Nedi is an 11×14, 4 color screenprint and printed on Coventry Rag 290 gsm 100% cotton. Signed and numbered and limited to an edition of 100, “Nedi the Yeti” was printed by hand over at the BLDG. These go up for sale this Monday, February 27, 2012.


December 30th, 2011

“Prayer” is my contribution to The Kentucky Struts’ year long project Year of the Horse. A band based out of Cold Spring, Kentucky, The Kentucky Struts released one song a month in 2011 along with artwork created by an artist’s interpretation of that song. I was paired with December’s song “Prayer”, and am very honored to be a part of such an inspiring project.

Be sure to check out Year of the Horse on their website and pick up a copy of their album. Not only do you get an excellent collection of songs and feel good about supporting local music, but you’ll also be happy to know that your purchase helps horse rescue as a portion of the sales go to Speak Up For Horses.

Blast Off!

December 1st, 2011

I am excited to be releasing my latest print Blast Off tomorrow December 1, 2011 in collaboration with the BLDG. This 15×19, 7 color screenprint features glow in the dark ink and is printed on Coventry Rag 290 gsm 100% cotton. I created two versions, a boy and a girl, each signed and numbered, limited to an edition of 50 and are $40 each plus shipping. Check out a few pics below!

Glow in the dark!

Bit of the ‘ol process.

More process!

Ink Bleeds III

November 15th, 2011

Ink Bleeds III will be happening this Friday, November 18 at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Artists this year include: Keith Neltner, Angryblue, Cricket Press, Delicious Design League, Powerhouse, Tommy Sheehan, Libre, Southpaw, Brian Methe, YES as well as myself. The night will also include music with live performances from The Mighty, Ghost Trees and A Decade to Die For. Admission is free, but with a $10 donation you’ll receive a signed screenprinted show poster created by Keith Neltner and myself. Below you can check out a process video of Keith and I creating the poster with a big thanks to Daren Crigler for putting it together. Get more info at Hope to see you out.

Ink Bleeds — 2011 Art Show from Intrinzic on Vimeo.

Blast Off! On Kickstarter

October 11th, 2011

Blast Off! is my latest print and I’m using Kickstarter to help launch the project. If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a site that uses a pledge system to help fund creative projects. Artists set a goal and use different levels of incentives to help reach that goal. If you have never checked it out, be sure to do so. Although be careful, it will suck you in with loads of great projects.

Actually based on a painting I created for a friend, I will be printing a boy version and a girl version of “Blast Off!”. Each print will be 7 colors with one of the colors being glow in the dark ink. So when when you turn off the lights, you’ll have these guys hanging there keeping you company. Both of these prints will measure 15×19 and will be screenprinted by hand on Coventry Rag 290 gsm 100% cotton paper. As you can tell with the amount of colors, this is my most ambitious print yet and this is why I’m using Kickstarter almost like a pre-release. All the money will go directly to printing this edition, ink, paper, films and late night tacos.

One of the great things about any Kickstarter campaign besides that good feeling you get from supporting a project, is all the incentives. I’ve tried to offer a bunch of great incentives for this project as a thank you. You can check them out below and check out “Blast Off!” on Kickstarter here.

Blast Off! print.

Example of glow in the dark.

Button pack.

Postcard set.

9×12 one color screenprint available exclusively to Kickstarter donors who donate $20 and up.

“Blast Off!” print on metal.

Arctic Monkeys Giveaway

June 20th, 2011

In celebration of their new album, I am giving away one of my Arctic Monkeys posters on my Facebook page. Same rules as my other giveaways. Comment on my contest wall post and I will use to pick a winner on June 22, 2011. Please only enter once. Only a few days left. Good luck.

“To resist it is useless, It is useless to resist it”

June 10th, 2011

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Keith Neltner on a new Cake poster that announces their June 10 concert in Mesa, Arizona with guests Calexico. We had a great time working with Cake on this and are very proud with how it turned out.

The idea behind this poster is mutual respect and harmony. Here, we see the cactus wren, which is the Arizona state bird, sitting on the ridge-nosed rattlesnake, the state reptile. The graphic background is a representation of the Arizona state flag.

The poster is a 15″ x 22″, four color screenprint on Conventry Rag 290 and signed by both Keith and myself. This is an edition of 75. We have a very limited 20 of these available in the store.

Tapes n’ Tapes Poster Giveaway

April 25th, 2011

I’ve decided to do another poster giveaway. This time up for grabs is my Tapes n’ Tapes poster. Just like last month with my New Pornographers poster, I will be giving away one of the posters to one lucky friend of Warnick Art on Facebook. To enter, “like” Warnick Art on Facebook and leave a comment under my Tapes n’ Tapes Contest wall post. Contest ends on April 30, 2011. Please only enter once. Good luck to all!

Vhils at the BLDG

April 15th, 2011

If you’re in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, be sure not to miss the Vhils opening exhibition tonight at the BLDG. The gallery will be open from 7-11pm and will feature several new pieces by the artist, completed while in residence at The BLDG. One piece will include a very limited edition print on wood using laser etching, screen printing and hand embellishments. You can find more information at