Rob likes to draw. Scratch that, Rob likes to draw a lot and has so ever since he was a little tyke. This is a good thing because now that he is all grownsed up, that's what he does full time. Draws, draws and draws. You see, Rob currently works as an illustrator at a magazine in Cincinnati, Ohio called CiN Weekly. There he gets to draw little pictures for articles people write for the magazine. He enjoys it. You know what else Rob enjoys? Music. And yeah you guessed it, he enjoys music a lot.

This makes sense since Rob likes to design posters for bands when he is not making pictures for the magazine. His friend Keith also likes to draw. They decided to team up and draw posters together. This new team had to have a name so they decided to call themselves The Small Print Studios. This has allowed them to work with some of their favorite bands, including Cake and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

So we've pretty much established Rob's love affair with drawing and creating posters. Maybe you've seen some of them in CiN Weekly or maybe you've seen them in a gigposter or two. Quite possibly you may be wondering who this Rob character is and why you're still reading his bio. Whatever, if you care to view Rob's work you can go to and go to town. By the way, Warnick is Rob's last name ... in case you were wondering.