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Blast Off! is my latest print and I’m using Kickstarter to help launch the project. If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a site that uses a pledge system to help fund creative projects. Artists set a goal and use different levels of incentives to help reach that goal. If you have never checked it out, be sure to do so. Although be careful, it will suck you in with loads of great projects.

Actually based on a painting I created for a friend, I will be printing a boy version and a girl version of “Blast Off!”. Each print will be 7 colors with one of the colors being glow in the dark ink. So when when you turn off the lights, you’ll have these guys hanging there keeping you company. Both of these prints will measure 15×19 and will be screenprinted by hand on Coventry Rag 290 gsm 100% cotton paper. As you can tell with the amount of colors, this is my most ambitious print yet and this is why I’m using Kickstarter almost like a pre-release. All the money will go directly to printing this edition, ink, paper, films and late night tacos.

One of the great things about any Kickstarter campaign besides that good feeling you get from supporting a project, is all the incentives. I’ve tried to offer a bunch of great incentives for this project as a thank you. You can check them out below and check out “Blast Off!” on Kickstarter here.

Blast Off! print.

Example of glow in the dark.

Button pack.

Postcard set.

9×12 one color screenprint available exclusively to Kickstarter donors who donate $20 and up.

“Blast Off!” print on metal.

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