“To resist it is useless, It is useless to resist it”

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Keith Neltner on a new Cake poster that announces their June 10 concert in Mesa, Arizona with guests Calexico. We had a great time working with Cake on this and are very proud with how it turned out.

The idea behind this poster is mutual respect and harmony. Here, we see the cactus wren, which is the Arizona state bird, sitting on the ridge-nosed rattlesnake, the state reptile. The graphic background is a representation of the Arizona state flag.

The poster is a 15″ x 22″, four color screenprint on Conventry Rag 290 and signed by both Keith and myself. This is an edition of 75. We have a very limited 20 of these available in the store.

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  1. Aleksandra says:

    Wow.. I had no idea what fracking was eiethr. so much for being enviromentally aware And really.. I thought I was! Hmm.. it is not just in this case that biz taking over logic.. in Ontario they are going to build a Mega Quarry an hour outside of the biggest cities in Canada (Toronto). There has been protests, and letters, public radio interviews and more. Don’t know how it will end up.But the bottom line is we need to get our officials’ to start looking at the benefits to the overall long term sustainability of our communities, and not to the short term profits. I wonder how it will all play out. maybe you can have a public group suing thing for the government. where the people sue the gov’t for stupid actions they take. ( I forget what you call it.)

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